Process & Fees

Review & select real
estate investment

Select property/ies (through visit to Cyprus or via correspondence). Sign purchase agreement and transfer funds to a secure account. Receipt issued by Pafilia, which is required for application.

Preparation of
citizenship application

Applicant must gather all necessary papers required for application (see application criteria). The documents must be officially translated into Greek or English and certified with apostille (if in a country which has signed the Hague Convention of 1961) or stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant Cyprus Embassy.

Acquire pre-approval

The appointed lawyer completes a pre-clearance check

Citizenship and PR application
submitted to Government

Payment of submission fee €2,000 per adult applicant. Application lodged, together with the property purchase agreement and all required documents, at the Ministry of Interior.

Issue of Cypriot

Once ratified by the Council of Ministers, a citizenship certificate is issued. This Certificate must be signed by the applicant either in front of a Registrar of a Cypriot Court or a Consular at any Cypriot Consulate abroad within 3 months of receiving approval. In Cyprus the process, including collection of biometric ID cards, takes under 1 day, through an embassy the process takes up to 2 weeks.

of children

Submit the applications of children to be naturalised. Applications of minor children are processed within 3 weeks; they can visit Cyprus anytime to collect their papers. Adult children’s applications are processed within 2 months and are subject to a submission fee of €2,000 and approval fee of €5,000. Adult children must visit Cyprus within 3 months to collect their passport and identity card.

Goverment Fees

Submission fee €2,000 per adult, minor child €80 Approval fee €5,000 per adult


Vat may be reduced to 5% on the first property purchase (first 200m²) Standard vat rate is 19% Additional taxes and duties apply (approximately €4,000)

Note: Further to the changes announced on the 13.09.16 by the Ministry of Interior an additional government fee may be applicable for the PR application. We are also waiting for clarification on the procedure concerning the submission of the main applicants parents.

Application Criteria

The Cyprus citizenship program offers the most simple and efficient means to obtaining European citizenship. All nationalities are eligible to apply and the requirements are minimal. In addition to making a real estate investment applicants must also meet the following criteria / supply the following documents:

  • Passport (copy)
  • Birth certificate
  • Police clearance certificate from country of origin and country of residence if different
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Detailed biography

Investment Criterion

Cyprus citizenship may be obtained through a secure property investment,the financial criterion is as follows: €2 Million investment in residential real estate (the investment can be in a single property or portfolio)

Parents of the main investor can be included in the application provided that they purchase a permanent residence property with a value of at least €500,000. This amount can be pooled in the main investment if preferred.

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